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The demand for high quality audio is increasing as high resolution content becomes prevalent in the video production industry. Today’s content creators are faced with the challenge of capturing high-quality audio quickly, reliably and with limited resources.
Offering superb sound quality with digital processing, reliable RF transmission, true double tuner diversity reception and friendly features, the UWP-D series is an ideal partner for ENG (electronic news gathering) and EFP (electronic field production), as well as documentaries and weddings.
The UWP-D21 bodypack wireless microphone package includes the UTX-B40 bodypack transmitter, URX-P40 receiver, ECM-V1BMP omni-directional lavalier microphone and accessories.

High quality sound with Sony digital audio processing
 NFC SYNC function for quick and easy secure channel setting (IR sync capability with UTX-B40 transmitter from URX-P03, URX-P03D, and URX-S03D receivers)
 True double tuner diversity for stable signal reception
 Auto gain mode volume control
 +15 dB gain volume boost mode for off-mic audio
 Line input
 Channel memory for fast switching between receiver frequencies for two transmitter operation
 Transmitter frequency sent to receiver for matching multiple receivers to one transmitter
 Headphone output for monitoring
 Monitor mode for using a receiver as an ear monitor
 Variable muting function
 Compatibility with Sony WL-800/UWP/UWP-D series
 Receiver output level control
 High visibility OLED display, ideal for indoor/outdoor use
 USB connector for power supply
 Digital audio interface support with SMAD-P5 Multi Interface (MI) Shoe Adaptor (option)*

Sony d21 wireless mic 無線咪

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