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Beam Angle: 105°

Color Temperature: 2700-6500K

CRI: 96, TLCI: 96, CQS: 95,plus higher than industry standard SS1 85, and D55-SSI 74 ratings.

DMX, Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz Wireless Remote

0-100% Dimming, Flicker Free

Four Available Dimming Modes:Linear,Exponential,Logarithmic,S-Curve
Bowens-S Type Reflector Mount

Multi-Voltage AC, Optional Battery Power

Nine Customizable Built-In Lighting

Effects:Paparazzi,Fireworks,Lightning,Faulty Bulb,TV,Pulsing,Strobe,Explosion,Fire

Aputure 300X 2700-6500k Led spot light

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