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- Expected availability: Nov 2019

DZOFiLM 10-24mm T2.9 lens is a professional parfocal cine lens, it steadys focus remains the same even in or out. it has near zero breathing, ensuring consistency in framing.12-Pieces blade design, generating elegant and rounded highlights. Back focus adjustment of 19.2mm in small increments allows you to efficiently switch this lens between different MFT-mount cameras.


Compatibility : BMPCC 4K / Z CAM E2 / Panasonic / GH5 / GH5S / Other MFT Mount Cameras

Key Features


  • Maintains focus throughout zoom range
  • Minimal breathing
  • 12-blade iris; rounded highlights
  • T2.9-T22 aperture
  • 270° focus rotation with 26 focus marks
  • 19.7" minimum focus distance
  • All-metal housing
  • 100° Zoom rotation angle
  • 70° Iris rotation angle
  • Fast back flange adjusting mechanics
  • Double strengthening mount design

DZOFiLM DZO 10-24mm T2.9 Parfocal Cine lens / DZOFiLM 10-24mm T2.9 M43 電影鏡頭

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