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Ronin 4D LiDAR Range Finder

Add extremely precise autofocus to your Ronin 4D, even with fast-moving subjects, with this DJI LiDAR Range Finder. The range finder mounts on your Ronin 4D and powers via a USB Type-C power cable, making for a well-integrated autofocus addition to your camera. The LiDAR range finder casts 43.200 ranging points within a 32' detection area for accurate focusing in extremely dim conditions that cause other focus detection devices difficulty.


Using the LiDAR Focusing System, the Ronin 4D can maintain focus on fast-moving subjects. Continuous autofocusing on subjects can be enabled with ActiveTrack Pro, making it especially convenient for solo operators.

Automated Manual Focus

This mode gives you the accuracy and flexibility of manual focus with the convenience of autofocus. On the Ronin 4D, the focus wheel will rotate in sync as the focus point changes, but the camera operator or focus puller can take manual control at any point.

LiDAR Range Measurement Precision

1 to 3.2' (±1%)
3.2 to 32.8' (±1.5%)
1 to 9.8' at >18% reflectivity 60 x 45° (H/V)
1 to 32.8' at >18% reflectivity 60 x 7° (H/V)
Laser Wavelength

Lidar For Ronin 4D

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