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1:Tilta Float System Arm(GSS-T01-ARM)*1
2:Tilta Float System Post(GSS-T01-PST)*1
3:Power Supply Base Plate for RS 2(TGA-PBP)With Cable(TCB-DTP-2LE-40)*1
4:Tilta Float System V Mount Battery Plate(GSS-T01-BPV)*1
5:2-Pin Lemo to 2-Pin Lemo Cable(20 cm)(TCB-2LE-2LE-20)*1
6: Tilta Float System Support Vest(GSS-T01-SV)*1
7:Wireless Thumb Controller for RS 2(GSS-T01-WTC)*1
8:Wireless Control Receiver Module for RS 2(TGA-WCR)*1
9:Tilta Float System Monitor Bracket(GSS-T01-MB)*1
10:Tilta Float System Carrying Case (GSS-T01-CC)
11: Tiltaing Adjustable Cold Shoe Phone Mounting Bracket – Black(TA-PMB-B)
12:Tool Kit for Tilta Float System(GSS-T01-TK)*1
13:Tilta Float System Cross NATO Rail Post Mount(GSS-T01-CPM)*1
14:Tilta Float System Baby Pin Docking Adapter(GSS-T01-PDA)*1

Tilta Float gimbal support system (designed for Ronin RS2) max 10KG

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