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Vaxis' first and only self-developed CINE OS touch operating system.

Precise colour adjustment in three-dimensional space, more efficient and accurate LUT

Multi-channel access to the screen, change the picture-in-picture display position to anywhere

Non-traditional image freeze, real screenshot and the real time image can be compared directly in the system.

Have all the functions of traditional wireless video system and optimized the interaction method. Provides different antenna selection methods and integrates frequency sweep function.

Waveform graphs, vector diagrams, histograms, cover and contain everything.

Vaxis CINE8 pioneered 6G SDI image input and output, true full-frame 4K display, 303PPI super retina visual clarity.

Simultaneous monitoring of multi-angle images of AB camera, supports synchronous import of multiple signal sources, true 1+1>2

No antenna design with attractive appearance and stable performance at the same time, also external antennas can be connected for better distance and performance.

Optimize and adjust ordinary HDR film source frame by frame to super-quality HDR display recreating life like details.

Self developed AFCA intelligent focus assist algorithm and dynamic video enhancement algorithm create an unprecedented sharpness of the edge of the picture and control the most convenient way to focus.

We remade the mount, which is compatible with most batteries on the market. Easy to replace.

Vaxis Cine 8

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